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The Magic of Vedic Mathematics

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The Magic of Vedic Mathematics

The Magic of Vedic Mathematics, authored by Mayank Garg, is a text that has been designed to help decrease a person’s fear of numbers and mathematics. It increases their Interest and competence, and gives them confidence. As students learn Vedic Mathematics, their speed and accuracy of calculating numbers and solving sums is enhanced. Each chapter contains solved examples and teaches new techniques. About Ramesh Publishing House Ramesh Publishing House is a publishing house of Books which are specifically for competitive exams. They have published many Books including: Hand Book of Electronics and Communication Engineering, ESIC LDC/Steno Exam Guide, Hand Book of Civil Engineering, ITBP-Constable/Head Constable and SSB Interviews and Psycho Intelligence Tests. The publishing house was started in 1966 and provides students with a variety of leading educational and Reference Books.

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