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The Ferment

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Binding Hardcover
Language English
Number Of Pages 284
Author Nikhila Henry
Publisher Pan Macmillan India
Isbn-10 9386215438
Isbn-13 9789386215437

The Ferment

Nikhila Henry's The Ferment

‘From JNU to Jadavpur, anti-national movement spreads!’—Zee News
‘Activism or anti-nationalism?’—Times Now
‘Dalit students on warpath after Vemula suicide’—FirstPost
‘Violence on Ramjas campus: no room for free, peaceful political debate’—NDTV
‘Kashmir University students protest anti–free Speech circular’—The Quint
These are but a tiny sample of headlines that have become commonplace in India in recent years. What is it about the present moment in the life of our nation that has stirred so many thousands of young citizens into political action? And what is it about the nature of their protests that is threatening enough for the establishment to brand it ‘anti-national’?
The wave of youth protests, agitations and marches that gripped India in the last few years were not, Nikhila Henry argues, sporadic, isolated or piecemeal. Rather, they were an organized effort against a fractured, unforgiving and deeply discriminatory society. The participants, despite differences, often found convergence and empathy for each other and fought not just their own but each other’s battles: battles of the Dalit, of the Adivasi, of the Kashmiri, of the rape victim, of the Muslim.
In so doing, it was not simply entrenched discrimination they highlighted. In so doing, they questioned fundamental ideas of public morality and the very essence that makes us a united nation.
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