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The Deep Things of God : Volume II

Book Specification

Binding Paperback
Language English
Number Of Pages 512
Author Thomas Pulickal
Publisher Notion Press
Isbn-10 1646787722
Isbn-13 9781646787722
Dimension 21.59*3.25*27.94

The Deep Things of God : Volume II

Thomas Pulickal's The Deep Things of God : Volume II

This book unfolds the eternal truths about the kingdom of God through the eight parables described in the gospel of Matthew chapter 13, emphasising Christ as the person of the fulfilment of all the types, shadows, figures, pictures, symbols, illustrations, patterns, events, feasts, ceremonies, rituals, sacrifices, people, promises, prophecies and even the various laws of the old covenant. These parables expose the three-fold aspect of the judgement by which the old covenant remains completely abolished. The first was when Christ crucified Adam in His body of flesh and separated Adam from Himself. The second was when Christ as the Son of Man appeared in judgement over the nation of Israel and the temple in A.D. 70 through the Roman army, destroying the entire old covenant system. The third is the subjective experience of the objective reality of Christ’s death to be manifested in each one of us personally through the new birth when we identify ourselves with Him by bearing His death and live by His life. All the Parables concern themselves with the kingdom of God which is a spiritual kingdom formed within us when our created or soulish life is replaced with the divine life of God in Christ Jesus. Since only Christ lives in His kingdom, He invites us to live in and by Him who alone is the life, thus destroying our Adamic nature that Stands in opposition to the will of the Father, by His abiding presence within us, and enables the transition from Adam the living soul or the realm of death into Christ the life-giving Spirit or the realm of life. The Parables of Matthew 13 thus consummate the desire of Christ, “that they may be one,” when mankind irrespective of denomination, caste, colour, creed and nationality live in and by the life of the One who died and rose for them, establishing them in the Father.

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