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The Birth of the Anthropocene

Book Specification

Binding Paperback
Language English
Number Of Pages 248
Author Jeremy Davies
Publisher University of California Press
Isbn-10 0520289986
Isbn-13 9780520289987
Dimension 15.24*2.03*20.32

The Birth of the Anthropocene

Jeremy Davies's The Birth of the Anthropocene

The World faces an environmental crisis unprecedented in human history. Carbon dioxide levels have reached heights not seen for three million years, and the greatest mass extinction since the Time of the dinosaurs appears to be underway. Such far-reaching changes suggest something remarkable: the beginning of a new geological epoch. It has been called the Anthropocene. The Birth of the Anthropocene shows how this epochal transformation puts the deep History of the planet at the heart of Contemporary environmental politics. By opening a Window onto geological time, the idea of the Anthropocene changes our understanding of present-day environmental destruction and injustice. Linking new developments in earth Science to the insights of World historians, Jeremy Davies shows that as the Anthropocene epoch begins, Politics and geology have become inextricably entwined.
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