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The Betrayal (Fear Street Sagas (Pb))

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Binding Library Binding
Language English
Number Of Pages 161
Author R L Stine
Publisher Perfection Learning
Isbn-10 0780724666
Isbn-13 9780780724662
Dimension 10.41*1.52*17.53

The Betrayal (Fear Street Sagas (Pb))

R L Stine's The Betrayal (Fear Street Sagas (Pb))

Through 20 books, R.L. Stine has alluded to the cursed Fear family, whose mansion burned down in a terrible fire. All that remains of the Fears is a legacy of evil. Now Stine takes Readers back in time, telling them finally the awful truth of what happened to the Fears . . . and why their evil lives on after 300 years.

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Why you should read The Betrayal (Fear Street Sagas (Pb)) by R L Stine

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