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The Accidental Memoir

Book Specification

Binding Hardcover
Language English
Number Of Pages 128
Author Eve Makis
Publisher Fourth Estate
Isbn-10 0008302030
Isbn-13 9780008302030
Dimension 14.61*1.7*20.09

The Accidental Memoir

Eve Makis's The Accidental Memoir

The Accidental Memoir truly is for all: writers and non-writers, teachers and students, the perfect book for anyone seeking inspiration or imaginative ways to explore their own life story.The story of you.The Accidental Memoir takes you on a journey of self-discovery, from the origins of your Family name and earliest memories, to what you'd invent and how you'd change the world. This beautifully illustrated book is filled with inventive and accessible writing prompts, as well as Tips for anyone wanting to document their lives and explore their creativity.Want to flex your writing muscles, exorcise your demons, relive moments of magic, make sense of life, have fun and leave a lasting legacy? The Accidental Memoir will show you how.This innovative concept was developed as an Arts Council project to help People tap into their own lives. Working with diverse groups from refugees to the elderly and prisoners, it has been a resounding success in unearthing stories that otherwise may never have been told.
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