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Surveying Volume - 1, 5th Edition

Book Specification

Binding Paperback
Language English
Number Of Pages 680
Author S. K. Duggal
Publisher McGraw-Hill
Isbn-10 9353167507
Isbn-13 9789353167509
Dimension 19.99*14.0*3.99

Surveying Volume - 1, 5th Edition

S. K. Duggal's Surveying Volume - 1, 5th Edition

This book Surveying volume 1, 5th edition covers the essentials of practical Surveying in line with Civil Engineering graduate courses. It will also be useful to self-studying students and those aspiring for competitive and GATE examinations. The exhaustive Theory has been fine-tuned into a systematic, point-wise pattern and supported with numerous chapter-end exercises. The book is updated with the recent developments in international Standards of Surveying. In-depth coverage of theodolite, br>traversing, levelling and contouring dedicated chapters on electronic instruments and total station survey supports outcome-based learning explanatory notes on common Surveying operations exhaustive pedagogy covers 160+ Solved examples, 30+ check your fundamentals, 270+ exercises, 50+ conceptual questions and answers and 350+ objective-type questions colour Plates for better visualisation and understanding of instruments.

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