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Shadow House 2: You Can't Hide

Book Specification

Binding Hardcover
Language English
Number Of Pages 224
Author Dan Poblocki
Publisher Scholastic
Isbn-10 0545925517
Isbn-13 9780545925518
Dimension 14.48*1.78*20.57

Shadow House 2: You Can't Hide

Dan Poblocki's Shadow House 2: You Can't Hide

Shadow House will find you . . . Poppy, Marcus, Dash, Dylan, and Azumi are all trapped within Shadow House, a sinister estate where past and present intertwine. As they fight to find a way out, the kids think the ghosts of the house are the greatest danger they face. Little do the kids know it's the secrets they're each hiding that will prove even more lethal. They're going to have to come Face to Face with their fears if they stand any hope of escaping the house alive. Is there anyone or anything in the house they can trust? Or is all hope disappearing, too . . . Enter Shadow House . . . if you dare.

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Why you should read Shadow House 2: You Can't Hide by Dan Poblocki

This book has been written by Dan Poblocki, who has written books like No Way Out (Shadow House, Book 3),Shadow House 2: You Can't Hide,The Book of Bad Things,The Stone Child,The Ghost of Graylock. The books are written in Literature & Fiction,Adventure category. This book is read by people who are interested in reading books in category : Adventure. So, if you want to explore books similar to This book, you must read and buy this book.

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