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Service Discovery Protocols and Programming (Developer Guides)

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Binding Paperback
Language English
Number Of Pages 420
Author Golden G. Richard III
Publisher McGraw-Hill Inc.,US
Isbn-10 0071379592
Isbn-13 9780071379595
Dimension 18.54*2.72*23.11

Service Discovery Protocols and Programming (Developer Guides)

Golden G. Richard III's Service Discovery Protocols and Programming (Developer Guides)

COVERS FOUR KEY PROTOCOLS Jini SLP (Service Location Protocol) UPnP (Universal Plug and Play) Bluetooth SDP Service and Device Discovery is a complete survey of the state-of-the-art in an emerging field. Client/server architectures may not be new, but the World has changed around them. Increasingly complex networked environments and the proliferation of mobile devices create many instances where highly dynamic client/service behavior is the norm and not the exception. Service discovery protocols enable plug and play architectures, where Services may be introduced into a network and removed at will, without configuration hassles. In addition, service discovery is an important step toward eliminating manually installed drivers, relying instead on standard interfaces to put devices in touch. WHY SERVICE DISCOVERY? Service discovery will make networked devices significantly less tedious to deploy and use than they are today. As a way to standardize the environments in which client/server applications are developed and used, service discovery technologies have the potential to: * make interactions between clients and Services much more dynamic * provide Software Tools for developing machine-to-machine Communications * automate discovery of required Services and peripherals * reduce administrative overhead for deploying or interfacing Services * minimize re-configuration and encourage more device mobility * build more interesting applications for networked environments INSIDE THE SERVICE DISCOVERY FRAMEWORK, designers and programmers will learn how clients can discover needed services. How Services advertise their presence. How catalogs track availableservices and garbage collection facilities rid the system of outdated information. How multicast is used to support discovery and advertisement. How to enable clients to browse and subtype services. And how to anticipate interoperability issues. In this book, researcher and developer Golden G. Richard III: * Condenses thousands of pages of protocol specifications to their essentials and helps you interpret predictably terse material * Investigates all four leading protocols for service discovery * Provides complete client and service examples in Java and C Service and Device Discovery: Protocols and Programming contains fully documented source code for representative clients and services, for all four technologies, examined and explained in detail.

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