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Selina ICSE Concise Chemistry for Class 10 (2020-2021) Session

Book Specification

Binding Paperback
Language English
Number Of Pages
Author Dr. S.P.Singh
Publisher Selina Publishers Pvt.Ltd.
Isbn-10 9388594231
Isbn-13 9789388594233
Dimension 20.29*25.4*4.7

Selina ICSE Concise Chemistry for Class 10 (2020-2021) Session

Dr. S.P.Singh's Selina ICSE Concise Chemistry for Class 10 (2020-2021) Session

This concise Chemistry textbook helps the students to expand their knowledge about the different theories, chemical Bonding, and Chemical reactions. Published by Selina Publishers, this paperback edition is ideal for the student of Class 10, as simple language is used to explain the most complex concepts. It covers all those chapters that are included in the syllabus prescribed by the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE). it is an apt choice for the students, who want to learn about different Compounds, metallurgy and other factors related to Scientific reactions. Salient features of the textbook chapters are well-covered, thus giving the students a clear understanding of different Scientific principles and Chemical reactions. Equations are explained in a way that students are able to grasp the concept involved in it. Well-structured content and simple language make it a perfect solution for School examinations. The schematic representation of data along with properly labelled graphs and tables help the students to memorize the concepts. The clearly illustrated radius of different carbon molecules and electrons make it easier for the young minds to understand the elementary concepts.

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