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Scra: Special Class Railway Apprentices Entrance Exam Guide

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Scra: Special Class Railway Apprentices Entrance Exam Guide

Special Class Railway Apprentices is the most rewarding career though it is not known to many. In some respects it is better than Indian Civil Services Exam. Once selected one passes out as a mechanical engineer with a recognised degree. The expenditure is borne by the government. After competing apprenticeship the candidate is given the job of a mechanical engineer in the railways. They get quick promotiions and retire as the most senior officers in the railways. Railway jobs entail so many other facilities. Some years ago the intake of apprentices was limited to less then ten but now the number has been increased. The competition is still as tough as it used to be. Hard labour, proper guidance and more than average intelligence can go a long way in getting selected. This book is written by well qualified authors who have been taking classes for SCRA for a long time. Typical questions with puzzling answer-choices are given in a graded form by following drill technique. The book will put you on the right track and equip you for the assault.

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