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Sad Topographies

Book Specification

Binding Hardcover
Language English
Number Of Pages 224
Author Damien Rudd
Publisher Simon & Schuster Ltd
Isbn-10 1471169294
Isbn-13 9781471169298
Dimension 26.49*2.49*19.2

Sad Topographies

Damien Rudd's Sad Topographies

Sad Topographies is an illustrated guide for the melancholic among us. Dispirited Travellers rejoice as Damien Rudd journeys across continents in search of the world's most joyless place names and their fascinating etymologies. Behind each lugubrious place name exists a story, a richly interwoven narrative of mythology, history, landscape, misadventure and tragedy. From Disappointment Island in the Southern Ocean to Misery in Germany, across to Lonely Island in Russia, or, if you're feeling more intrepid, pay a visit to Mount Hopeless in Australia - all from the comfort of your armchair. With hand drawn Maps by illustrator Kateryna Didyk, Sad Topographies will steer you along paths that lead to strange and obscure places, navigating the terrains of Historical fact and imaginative fiction. At turns poetic and dark-humoured, this is a Travel guide quite like no other. Damien Rudd is the founder of the hugely popular Instagram account @sadtopographies.
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