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Review of AIIMS November 2018

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Binding Paperback
Language English
Number Of Pages 164
Author Dr Mukesh Bhatia
Publisher Wolters Kluwer India Pvt. Ltd.
Isbn-10 9388696352
Isbn-13 9789388696357

Review of AIIMS November 2018

Dr Mukesh Bhatia's Review of AIIMS November 2018

Salient Features: completely updated from Harrison (20th edn); Robbins Pathology (9th edn); Bailey and Love (27th edn); Park (24th edn); Ganong (25th edn); Gray’s Anatomy (41st edn); and Goodman and Gilman (13th edn), with recent changes and updated Tables all the questions are solved and authentic and verified answers with crisp and concise explanations are given by the subject faculty of DBMCI important image-based questions and high-yielding MCQs for last minute revision The schematic diagrams, tables, illustrations, and bulleted key points are the highlights of this book and will make reading and understanding of the material easier and effective this book Covers all recall questions in AIIMS November 2018 This book is complete in all aspects.

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