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Real-World Algorithms: A Beginner's Guide

Book Specification

Binding Paperback
Language English
Number Of Pages 528
Author Panos Louridas
Publisher PHI Learning
Isbn-10 9388028805
Isbn-13 9789388028806
Dimension 24.0*17.5*2.01

Real-World Algorithms: A Beginner's Guide

Panos Louridas's Real-World Algorithms: A Beginner's Guide

an introduction to Algorithms for readers with no background in advanced Mathematics or computer Science, emphasizing examples and real-world problems. this book offers an introduction to Algorithms through the real-world problems they solve. The Algorithms are presented in pseudo-code and can readily be implemented in a computer language. the book presents Algorithms simply and accessibly, without overwhelming readers or testing their intelligence. Readers should be comfortable with mathematical fundamentals and have a Basic understanding of how computers work; all other necessary concepts are explained in the text. After presenting background in pseudo-code conventions, Basic terminology, and data structures, chapters cover compression, cryptography, graphs, searching and sorting, hashing, classification, strings, and chance. EachChapter describes real problems and then presents Algorithms to solve them. Examples illustrate the wide range of applications, including shortest paths as a solution toParagraph line breaks, strongest paths in elections Systems, hashes for song recognition, voting power Monte Carlo methods, and entropy for machine learning. It is meant for undergraduate computer Science students. Students in other streams such as applied sciences can also benefit from it. “a broad survey of algorithmic ideas that avoids the standard ‘greatest hits’ approach. It includes advanced topics like voting Systems and text compression that are not covered in most introductory algorithm books. Beginners will be Running before they can walk!” —steven skiena distinguished teaching Professor, Department of computer Science, stony Brook University;

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