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Process Engineering: Facts, Fiction and Fables

Book Specification

Binding Hardcover
Language English
Number Of Pages 384
Author Norman P. Lieberman
Publisher John Wiley & Sons
Isbn-10 1119370272
Isbn-13 9781119370277
Dimension 14.99*2.29*23.11

Process Engineering: Facts, Fiction and Fables

Norman P. Lieberman's Process Engineering: Facts, Fiction and Fables

Written in plain and easy–to–understand language in the form of character dialogues and useful technical explanations by one of the world′s most prolific and well–respected process engineers, this is one of the most unique and helpful Books ever written for the practicing process engineer and for unit operators. This is not your average technical book! Using a humorous and easy–to–understand approach to solving common process problems, this unique volume is the go–to guide for any veteran or novice engineer in the plant, office, or classroom. TextBooks are often too theoretical to help the average process engineer solve everyday problems in the plant. This guide focuses on the common problems that plant personnel Face and how to solve them. The "characters" walk the reader through every problem and solution step–by–step, through dialogues that occur every day in process plants around the world. With over half a century of experience and many Books, videos, and seminars to his credit, Norm Lieberman is well–known all over the World and has helped companies, engineers and operators with equipment, processes, and training. This is the first Time that this knowledge has appeared in a format like this, quite unlike anything ever published before in Books on process Engineering or operations. This is a must–have for any engineer or operator working in process Engineering, or process plant operation. This valuable new volume: Uses real–life examples, illustrated by characters who are trying to solve daily problems in process Engineering that are found in real–world situations Shows the beginning engineer and experienced operator how to avoid common pitfalls Is filled with useful Figures and descriptions of the common problems and solutions found in the plant Is a unique take on process Engineering, process plant and refinery operations, debunking many of the common myths in process Engineering and offering the best ways forward Is a must–have for any process engineer or experienced plant operator Audience:Process engineers, chemical engineers, technicians, plant managers, plant operators, plant engineers, petroleum engineers, control engineers, refinery and process plant Safety staff
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This book has been written by Norman P. Lieberman, who has written books like Process Engineering: Facts, Fiction and Fables,Troubleshooting Vacuum Systems: Steam Turbine Surface Condensers and Refinery Vacuum Towers. The books are written in Engineering & Technology,History category. This book is read by people who are interested in reading books in category : Engineering & Technology. So, if you want to explore books similar to This book, you must read and buy this book.

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