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Problems In Mathematics

Book Specification

Binding Paperback
Language English
Number Of Pages 404
Publisher MTG Learning Media Private Limited
Isbn-10 9385966669
Isbn-13 9789385966668

Problems In Mathematics

V.GOVOROV's Problems In Mathematics

MTG's ORIGINAL MASPTERPIECE is a series of collection of Books that started their journey as best sellers and continue as a chart-topper generation after generation. Even today these Books are considered as a masterpiece among the teachers and students fraternity which is passionate about the subject. The USP of MTG's ORIGINAL MASTERPIECE Series lies in the fact that the Work has been reproduced from the Original artifact and remains as true to the original Work as possible. The full solutions are provided to help students reaching the right answer systematically. The student will find the book most useful if he uses it actively, that is to say, if he studies the relevant theoretical material carefully before going on to the worked-out solutions, and finally reinforces the newly-acquired knowledge by solving the problems given for independent work. The best results will be obtained when the student, having mastered the theoretical part, immediately attacks the unsolved problems without referring to the text solutions unless in difficulty.
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