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Pro Sql Server 2008 Analysis Services

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Pro Sql Server 2008 Analysis Services

Every Business has reams of Business data locked away in databases, Business systems, and spreadsheets. While you may be able to build some reports by pulling a few of these repositories together, actually performing any kind of analysis on the data that runs your Business can range from problematic to impossible. Pro SQL Server 2008 Analysis Services will show you how to pull that data together and present it for reporting and analysis in a way that makes the data accessible to Business users, instead of needing to rely on the IT department every Time someone needs a different report. AccessibleWith a single author's voice, this book conducts a guided tour through the Technology that makes it easy to dive into. SolutionorientedWhile technically deep, the goal is to focus on practical application of the technologies instead of acting as a technical manual. ComprehensiveThis book Covers every aspect of analysis Services and ancillary technologies to enable you to make the most of SQL Server. What you'll learn Understand the importance ofonline analytical processingand analysis Services technologies. Build cubes and dimensions that let you get Business value out of large volumes of data. Learn the fundamentals of MDX, the query language for advanced analysis. Apply ancillary aspects of analysis services: KPIs, perspectives, and calculated members. Apply Basic data mining conceptsidentify answers to questions you weren't even aware you should ask. Learn the various ways to consume analysis Services data (reporting services, Excel, and ProClarity). Who this book is for Pro SQL Server 2008 Analysis Services is aimed at developers who want to take advantage of SQL Server's built-in Business intelligence functionality to mine their data and produce reports that can drive Business forward in right and profitable directions. The book is secondarily aimed at database administrators charged with supporting analysis Services solutions. Table of Contents Introduction to OLAP Cubes, Dimensions, and Measures SQL Server Analysis Services SSAS Developer and Admin Interfaces Creating a Data Source View Creating Dimensions Building a Cube Deploying and Processing MDX219 10: Cube Features Data Mining PowerPivot Administration User Interfaces "

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