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Orthopedics (A Postgraduate Companion) 2 Volumes

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Binding Paperback
Language English
Number Of Pages 1424
Author Samar Kumar Biswas
Publisher Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers
Isbn-10 938918827X
Isbn-13 9789389188271
Dimension 19.99*14.0*3.99

Orthopedics (A Postgraduate Companion) 2 Volumes

Samar Kumar Biswas's Orthopedics (A Postgraduate Companion) 2 Volumes

The book adequately covered each region, from Anatomy to the latest advances in surgical management. There is a lot of emphasis on Basic principles and clinical examination. This book eliminates the need to refer to a separate book on clinical skills. It addressed controversies without bias and the sections on ‘recent advances’ is updated with current literature. The sections on ‘congenital anomalies and trauma’ are a pleasure to go through. All recent classifications have been included and topics, like ‘scaphocapitate fracture syndrome,’ have been explained in a lucid and clear manner. There are additions of some new techniques like arthroscopy as well as arthroplasty written by experts in those fields. A section on ‘General Surgery’ is given which would rival any General Surgery textbook, means a student has to deal with one less book. The information is with special Reference to the orthopaedic students, so that this extra nonetheless essential knowledge is easy to grasp. The real surprise, however, is the br>Chapter on the spine. Dr Biswas has truly done justice to this complicated and difficult topic.

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