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On Grand Strategy

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Binding Hardcover , Paperback
Language English
Number Of Pages 384
Author John Lewis Gaddis
Publisher Allen Lane
Isbn-10 0241333121
Isbn-13 9780241333129
Dimension 16.41*3.4*24.0

On Grand Strategy

John Lewis Gaddis's On Grand Strategy

For over two decades, a select group of students at Yale university has been admitted into the year-long 'grand strategy' seminar taught by John Lewis Gaddis and Paul Kennedy. The purpose of the seminar is to furnish these students with a grounding in strategic decision-making in the Face of crisis, to equip Future World leaders with the intellectual Tools necessary to meet the challenges and Opportunities they will face. On grand strategy is the distillation of the experience of that course and in it Gaddis takes the reader from the commanding heights of statesmanship across the landscape of World History from the Ancient Greeks to Lincoln and beyond.
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