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Object-Oriented Programming with C++ (Oxford Higher Education)

Book Specification

Binding Paperback
Language English
Number Of Pages 486
Author Sourav Sahay
Publisher OUP India
Isbn-10 0195681525
Isbn-13 9780195681529
Dimension 23.88*2.29*18.03

Object-Oriented Programming with C++ (Oxford Higher Education)

Sourav Sahay's Object-Oriented Programming with C++ (Oxford Higher Education)

Object-Oriented Programming with C++ imparts a clear understanding of objects and the method of modeling them in the Object-Oriented Programming System. The book would also be suitable for undergraduate as well as postgraduate students of computer applications. The various topics in the book are presented in a systematic manner to ease understanding of concepts. Beginning with an explanation of the Procedure-Oriented Programming System, the role played by structures in this system, and the reasons that led to the creation of OOPS, the book provides a systematic discussion of features such as classes, objects, Dynamic Memory management, constructors, destructor, inheritance, Dynamic polymorphism, and operator overloading. The concepts of stream handling, templates (including the Standard Template Library), and exception handling have been covered in detail to provide more control and convenience to programmers. The appendices in the book include a case study, comparison of C++ with C, comparison of C++ with Java, an overview of Object-Oriented Analysis and Design, and self tests. To reinforce the understanding of concepts, diagrams, tables, and program listings have been included wherever appropriate. With plenty of solved examples and exercises in each chapter, the text provides the right balance between explanation of fundamentals and demonstration of good programming. Salient Features Simple and concise language eases the understanding of complex concepts that have made C++ powerful but enigmatic. Plenty of solved examples with complete program listings and test cases to reinforce learning . Review questions and program writing exercises at the end of each chapter to provide additional practice . Self-tests at the end of the book to prepare the students for examinations .

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