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Neurological Examination:Pocket Tutor

Book Specification

Binding Paperback
Language English
Number Of Pages 216
Author Goodfellow
Publisher Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers
Isbn-10 1907816305
Isbn-13 9781907816307
Dimension 1.27*10.8*18.42

Neurological Examination:Pocket Tutor

Goodfellow's Neurological Examination:Pocket Tutor

Salient Features Pocket tutor Neurological Examination is the perfect companion for medical students, junior doctors and General practitioners seeking an accessible and practical guide to performing an examination of the nervous system. Covers core examination techniques relevant to allpatients, including those with stroke, coma an dother, less common conditions Clear, logical description of examination sequences demystifies the examination process Clinical insight Boxes give hints and Tips to apply in practice. Table of Contents 1. Chapter 1: Clinical Skills in Neurology 2. Chapter 2: Gait and General Examination 3. Chapter 3: Head and Neck (Cranial Nerves) 4. Chapter 4: Upper Limbs 5. Chapter 5: Lower Limbs 6. Chapter 6: The Cerebellum 7. Chapter 7: Higher Cortical Function 8. Chapter 8: Autonomic Nervous system 9. Chapter 9: Examining a Stroke Patient 10. Chapter 10: Examining the Unconscious Patient 11. Chapter 11: The Neurological Screening Exam in 4 Minutes 12. Chapter 12: Synthesizing Your Findings 13. Chapter 13: Neurology Exam in Undergraduate Exams Further Reading Index

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