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My Conversations With Money

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My Conversations With Money

SHWETA JAIN's My Conversations With Money

This is a book that I'd read. In fact, one that I wanted to and didn't find; when I started managing my own money. This is not a book on theory. Maybe call it a book where you can learn from others' mistakes. It isn't preachy, but it will tell you what you need to know. It is conversational, so you feel like someone is speaking to you. It doesn't have jargons and hopefully doesn't intimidate you if you have never handled money independently before. The idea with the book is that it gives you the much needed confidence based on a solid footing- of knowledge. It tells you what to do as much as what to avoid. Why this book? Because, I want you to tell your money what to do! About the Author: Shweta Jain - Shweta is a Certified Financial Planner with over 15 years of experience across Financial planning, Research and client servicing. With a passion for Financial literacy, she has delivered over 1000 Financial awareness programs for over 35000 individuals across Companies like Google, HP, JP Morgan, and Visa; and has also conducted sessions on behalf of the Securities & Exchange Board of India (SEBI).Shweta has done courses on behavioral finance and wealth Management from IIM-A and IIM-B. She is a frequent contributor on www.moneycontrol.com, and is often quoted in print (Economic Times, Mint, Outlook Money) and a regular Face on Television (Zee Business). She is the Founder, CEO of Investography Pvt Ltd. She lives in Bengaluru with her eight year old son Ishaan and husband Puneeth.
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