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Mommy Kisses

Book Specification

Binding Paperback
Language English
Number Of Pages 24
Author Susan J. Larsen
Publisher AuthorHouse
Isbn-10 1434338258
Isbn-13 9781434338259
Dimension 21.59*0.15*21.59

Mommy Kisses

Susan J. Larsen's Mommy Kisses

Mommy Kisses presents a story about nurturing the power of love between parents and Children that will appeal to all ages.Mommy Kisses is the Personal story of a recurring act of love between Susan and her children. "As my Children began growing up they became less desirous of having Mommy kissing them, However, I did not think it a good idea to not kiss my children. I don't remember thinking a long Time about how to handle the wiping off of my kisses. I just remember coming out with, "You can't wipe off a Mommy kiss. It goes in too fast and too deep!" Later I told them that, "Someday you will need a Mommy kiss and I won't be there. Then you can reach inside and pull one out and know that I love you." When her son and daughter grew into teenagers, Susan would go into their rooms while they were asleep and whisper to them about Mommy kisses. Then she would blow them a kiss and say a prayer. She never knew the full effect Mommy kisses had on her Children until years later when her son called to say that he had pulled out a Mommy Kiss that day. Susan now Plays the same game with her own grandchildren. "They get caught up in the fun of wiping off kisses and hearing the same thing repeated to them Time and again," They love to be reminded that the love from Mommy will never end.

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