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Moments of Truth with Sathya Sai

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Binding Paperback
Number Of Pages
Author Bishu Prusty
Publisher PepperScript
Isbn-10 938441154X
Isbn-13 9789384411541
Dimension 22.0*14.5*1.3

Moments of Truth with Sathya Sai

Bishu Prusty's Moments of Truth with Sathya Sai

Book Description: For the skeptics Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba is a magician. For those seeking social good, He is a great humanitarian, healer and inspiration. For His millions of followers worldwide, He is the path to their lasting peace and joy. But in reality, who is Sathya Sai?Dive deep into His actions as the author takes you through the real life impressions of His Divine presence in the lives of those who have seen Him and touched Him. Discover the mystery that Sathya Sai is.These enigmatic interactions between Him and His Seekers, offer you the vividness of truthful moments that you would not have ever known otherwise.Appreciations:"Following in the footstep of Swami's premier and incomparable biography, late Prof N Kasturi, Bishu has relied on direct Personal experience, distilled them and presented them as teaching lesson."- Prof G Venkataraman Founder Director, Radio SaiWe get so much more from Swami when we keenly observe and listen, rather than merely see and hear. Wonderfully compiled by Bishu! - S Ravi Kumar, Singer, Prasanthi Bhajan Group"Bhagwan,s love as powerful anecdotes... Bishu has written this book from his heart" - Shalabh Mittal, CEO, The School for Social Entrepreneurs"This book gives a beautiful insight of the Sri Sathya Sai Avatar. Bishu's reader-friendly approach is awesome!" - Sundar S, Director, Radio Sai"Bishu has gently unwrapped the different roles Swami Plays in our lives. A worthy read!" - Prof Sudhir Bhaskar, Former Director, Radio Sai"Just the right dosage of inspiration... to stay tuned to Bhagwan." - Karuna Munshi, Director, SSS Vidya Vahini "When I started reading... I Felt like I was having His darshan once again!" - Sai Shravanam, Founder and CEO, Resound India
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