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Mathematical Methods and Economic Theory

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Binding Paperback
Language English
Number Of Pages
Author Anjan Mukherjee
Publisher OUP India
Isbn-10 0198069979
Isbn-13 9780198069973
Dimension 23.88*2.03*18.03

Mathematical Methods and Economic Theory

Anjan Mukherjee's Mathematical Methods and Economic Theory

This textbook for postgraduate students learning mathematical methods in economics provides a comprehensive account of Mathematics required to analyse and solve problems of choice encountered by economists. It looks at a wide variety of decision-making problems, both static and Dynamic, in various contexts and provides mathematical foundations for the relevant economic Theory. The book consists of three sections, each containing applications to fundamental constructs of economic Theory: Mathematical Logic and functions of single variable, with applications to problems of choice and group decisions Functions of several variables, presenting applications to demand and supply Theory and its extension to interactive decision-making (game Theory) Dynamic problems, with applications relating to optimal economic growth and stability of competitive equilibrium Written in an accessible style, the book provides clearly-defined concepts, numerous examples and chapter exercises, suggested further readings, key terms, and useful web links.

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