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Love Murdered By Lust: An Anthology of Emotions

Book Specification

Binding Paperback
Number Of Pages 106
Author Sandeep Yadav
Publisher Authorspress
Isbn-10 9388859251
Isbn-13 9789388859257

Love Murdered By Lust: An Anthology of Emotions

Sandeep Yadav's Love Murdered By Lust: An Anthology of Emotions

About the Poet

Sandeep is a young poetic genius writing on variety of subjects drawn from the vast social milieu. Born and brought up in an educationally ambitious populace of Mohindergarh, a small city situated in the south of Haryana, this young poet has got wide acclamations for the subtlety and novelty of his poetic output. His poems are warmly received across the World on internet. His poem after poems have got several certifications and Awards from many highly esteemed Poetic Groups active on social media. His verses always voice some or the other messages. He is at ease with different genres. If some of his poems have lyrical vein, the others are rich in dramatic elements, still others can be described as Short Stories in verse. Sandeep is gifted with a great critical faculty side by side creative one. His poems are tinged with his awareness and understanding of all the poetic flourishments from Chaucer to Larkin. He has several Research papers to his credit. His Comparative study of the works of Shakespeare and Kalidasa is very comprehensive and revelatory. The fact that his poetic sensibility has been nurtured on his deep and wide study of Men of letters is born by his academic distinction. The young poet has cleared NET and STET for English besides obtaining Master of Philosophy in English. It is the rare fertility of his poetic genius that in his short carrier as a poet, he has produced a poetic output as voluminous as great poetic geniuses of the World have produced in so many years. This makes one hope that the Future holds a glorious place for this young man among the great Literary fraternity of the world. Presently, he is working as a lecturer (English) in Mohindergarh, Haryana.

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