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Learning Ladder Pre-school (Ages 3-5)

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Binding CD-ROM
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Publisher DK Multimedia
Isbn-13 5016488100427

Learning Ladder Pre-school (Ages 3-5)

Title Learning Ladder Pre-school (Ages 3-5) Description A step on the ladder to success.... Welcome to step one of Dorling Kindersley's powerful curriculum-based learning system. Woody the pencil takes you on an incredible learning Adventure involving: • Stimulating Activities • A huge variety of Fun Exercises • Screens that Monitor Progress Developed with experienced teachers, this disc provides the essential literacy and numeracy skills to give your child a headstart at school. Features What does this disc teach? Listening and Reading • the Alphabet • phonics and simple spelling • making words • reading simple words • Building Vocabulary • Handwriting Numbers and Shapes • counting • matching amounts • reading numbers • understanding shape • understanding size • Building shape patterns • Memory develop Where? When? What? • Time - Clocks and calendars • ordering Events • comparing past and present • position, direction and movement • sorting objects • nature and living things System Requirements Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP/Win7 CPU 486DX2/66MHz 16Mb RAM 640x480 pixels screen Display CD-ROM speed - double speed 6Mb hard drive space 8-bit sound card Speakers of Headphones Mouse Note : Some old titles may not run on new operating system, it doesn't mean that every title is not compatible with new OS. Please check the compatibility of the title with your computer from Internet or from other customer's reviews before placing the order
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