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Late–Life Love – A Memoir

Book Specification

Binding Hardcover
Language English
Number Of Pages 272
Author Susan Gubar
Publisher W. W. Norton & Company
Isbn-10 039360957X
Isbn-13 9780393609578
Dimension 14.73*3.05*21.59

Late–Life Love – A Memoir

Susan Gubar's Late–Life Love – A Memoir

On Susan Gubar’s seventieth birthday, she receives a beautiful ring from her husband. As she contemplates their sustaining relationship, she begins to consider how older lovers differ from their youthful counterparts—and from ageist stereotypes. While her husband confronts age-related disabilities that effectively ground them, Susan dawdles over the logistics of moving from their cherished country house to a more manageable place in town and starts seeking out Literature on the changing seasons of desire. Throughout the complications of devoted caregiving, her own ongoing cancer treatments, apartment hunting, the dismantling of a household, and perplexity over the breakdown of a treasured friendship, Susan finds consolation in Books and movies. Works by writers from Ovid and Shakespeare to Gabriel García Márquez and Marilynne Robinson lead Susan to appraise the obstacles many senior couples overcome: the unique Sexuality of bodies beyond their prime as well as the trials of retirement, Adult children, physical infirmities, the multiplications or subtractions of memory, and the aftereffects of trauma. On the page and in life, Susan realizes that age cannot wither love. A memoir proving that the heart’s passions have no expiration date, Late-Life Love rejoices in second chances.
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