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Binding Paperback
Language English
Number Of Pages 296
Author Rehman Abdul
Publisher LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Isbn-10 3659473685
Isbn-13 9783659473685
Dimension 15.19*1.7*22.91


Rehman Abdul's Islamabad

Islamabad is one of the few capitals of the World which were designed and built in the 1960's. The Government of Pakistan hired the Services of Constantinos A Doxiadis, a Greek planner, to prepare the master plan and give vision of the city of the future. Doxiadis presented his vision of Dynapolis based upon the Theory of Ekistics and believed that the city can grow into dynamegapolis accommodating hundreds of thousands of people. At the same Time the Services of World famous architects were hired to Design buildings of National importance. The idea behind such exercise was to lay the Foundation of modern Architecture rooted in the grand tradition of the past. The architects hired for each specific task interpreted this question in their own way. Since its inception the city has taken shape and demonstrated the strength and weaknesses of the Master Plan. The appropriate Architecture relevant to the past and pursued by the International architects was also examined for first Time in the book. The book for the first Time critically analyzed the problems of urban Environment and Architecture of Islamabad.

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