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Introduction to Algorithms

Book Specification

Binding Hardcover
Language English
Number Of Pages 300
Author Rex Porbasas Flejoles
Publisher Arcler Education Inc
Isbn-10 1773612182
Isbn-13 9781773612188
Dimension 15.24*0.0*22.86

Introduction to Algorithms

Rex Porbasas Flejoles's Introduction to Algorithms

This book gives an exhaustive introduction to present-day investigations of algorithms. It presents numerous Algorithms and spreads them in impressive profundity, yet makes their outline and examination available to every level of readers. The author has endeavored to keep clarifications rudimentary without giving up profundity of scope or, then again numerical meticulousness. Every chapter introduces a calculation, a planning system, an application zone, or a related subject. The book contains many Figures representing how the calculations work.
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