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Internetworking Technologies Handbook (Core (Cisco))

Book Specification

Binding Hardcover
Language English
Number Of Pages 1128
Author Cisco Systems Inc.
Publisher Cisco Press
Isbn-10 1587050013
Isbn-13 9781587050015
Dimension 23.93*19.66*6.78

Internetworking Technologies Handbook (Core (Cisco))

Cisco Systems Inc.'s Internetworking Technologies Handbook (Core (Cisco))

An essential Reference for every network professionalUpdated with latest information on new technologies such as IP multicast, voice/data integration, Virtual Private Networks, Multiprotocol Label Switching, and Wireless and cable technologies Hands-on advice for implementing specific technologies as part of a networkInterNetworking Technologies Handbook has been one of Cisco Press' best-selling and most popular Books since the first edition was published in 1997. Network engineers, administrators, technicians, and support personnel use this book to understand and implement many different interNetworking and Cisco technologies. Beyond the on-the-job use, InterNetworking Technologies Handbook is also a core training component for CCNA and CCDA certifications. It is a comprehensive Reference that enables Networking professionals to understand and implement contemporary interNetworking technologies. This Third Edition features new chapters on cable technologies, Wireless technologies, and voice/data integration. After reading this book, Networking professionals will possess a greater understanding of local- and wide-area Networking and the hardware, protocols, and services involved. InterNetworking Technologies Handbook offers system optimization techniques that will strengthen results, increase productivity, and improve efficiency, helping you to make more intelligent, cost-effective decisions for your network environment.

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