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Inkblot Personality Test

Book Specification

Binding Hardcover
Language English
Number Of Pages 508
Author Bankey Lal Dubey
Publisher SAGE Publications India Pvt Ltd
Isbn-10 9353284619
Isbn-13 9789353284619
Dimension 15.6*3.18*23.39

Inkblot Personality Test

Bankey Lal Dubey's Inkblot Personality Test

First authoritative and comprehensive study in the field of inkblot personality Test, This book describes the historical roots of the three major projective inkblot measures: the Rorschach, the holtzman inkblot technique (hit) and the somatic inkblot series (sis). it presents the extensive psychometric background work accompanying the normative data and diagnostic Indicators along with Indices for selecting executives in a business organization. The book begins with a detailed History of Hermann Rorschach and his early experiments with inkblots in the Diagnosis of mentally ill patients. Special attention is given to the administration and scoring of the Rorschach, with the sections detailing the Systems developed by klopfer and exner. The hit and sis are also reviewed in detail, emphasizing their psychometric qualities.

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