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Homeopathy through Harmony and Totality

Book Specification

Binding Paperback
Language English
Number Of Pages 280
Author Ajit Dr Kulkarni
Publisher B Jain Publishers Pvt Ltd
Isbn-10 8131901343
Isbn-13 9788131901342

Homeopathy through Harmony and Totality

Ajit Dr Kulkarni's Homeopathy through Harmony and Totality

With immense pleasure, we offer the fourth creative Specimen from one of the stalwarts of Homeopathy, the earlier three being ‘absolute homeopathic materia medica’, ‘body language and Homeopathy’ and ‘homeopathic posology’. with the magnum opus of ‘Homeopathy through harmony and totality’, Dr Ajit Kulkarni addresses the science and the art of Homeopathy to get a wider view of homeopathic principles, human structure and practical side of homoeopathy in the larger Scheme of things. One is amazed to see the multi-dimensional aspects of the healing therapy of Homeopathy and how it embraces the human existence in terms of evolution as well as biologically inherited and environmentally induced spectrum of diseases. The book clearly sheds light on the connection between the laws of nature on which Homeopathy is based and underscores the importance of indivisibility of the human beings. Dr Ajit Kulkarni draws special acclaim for his clarity of style and meticulous care in explanations. He has presented the classical homeopathic Literature in his inimitable style backed by his long clinical experience woven into the Fabric that renders a strong message of the enormous Utility of Homeopathy. When the human beings are faced with the enormous challenges at all Levels of existence of life, thanks to the cataclysms and human behaviour, this book offers transitional learning necessary to comply with the need of the ailing humanity.

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