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Hazed Realism

Book Specification

Binding Paperback
Language English
Number Of Pages 138
Author Lazim Rasheed
Publisher Notion Press
Isbn-10 1648050638
Isbn-13 9781648050633

Hazed Realism

Lazim Rasheed's Hazed Realism

Hazed Realism is, in many ways, a book that opens a door to the places we don't visit anymore, places we used to love, yet remembering them brings a certain tingling of fear in our senses now. It isn't necessarily a place, turning through the pages slowly some may come to realise that it's a person, one with whom they'd lain their souls naked and been vulnerable, no layers between them. There is no particular order in which these poems have been laid out. But as you go through them, you may feel they ring true to the rhythm that we could never see, but always knew was out there.

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