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Fundamentals of Plant Physiology
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Book Specification

Binding Paperback
Language English
Number Of Pages 561
Author Lincoln Taiz
Publisher Sinauer Associates Inc
Isbn-10 1605357901
Isbn-13 9781605357904
Dimension 27.43*2.79*21.59

Fundamentals of Plant Physiology

Lincoln Taiz's Fundamentals of Plant Physiology

Fundamentals of Plant Physiology is a distillation of the most important principles and empirical findings of plant physiology. Intended for students seeking an accessible introduction to the field, Fundamentals provides the same high standard of Scientific accuracy and pedagogical richness for which Taiz et al.'s popular Plant Physiology and Development, Sixth Edition, is renowned, but in a more concise format and pitched at a slightly lower level. Instructors wishing to focus their lectures on Basic plant physiology, as opposed to developmental genetics, should find this new streamlined and simplified text ideally suited for their courses.
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