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Embedded Linux Development using Yocto Projects -

Book Specification

Binding Paperback
Language English
Number Of Pages 162
Author Otavio Salvador
Publisher Packt Publishing Limited
Isbn-10 178847046X
Isbn-13 9781788470469
Dimension 19.05*0.94*23.5

Embedded Linux Development using Yocto Projects -

Otavio Salvador's Embedded Linux Development using Yocto Projects -

Optimize and boost your Linux-based system with Yocto Project and increase its reliability and robustness efficiently and cost-effectively. About This Book * Optimize your Yocto Project Tools to develop efficient Linux-based projects * Practical approach to learning Linux development using Yocto Project * Demonstrates concepts in a practical and easy-to-understand way Who This Book Is For If you are an embedded Linux developer with a Basic knowledge of Yocto Project and want to broaden your knowledge with examples of embedded development, then this book is for you. This book is also for professionals who want to find new insights into working methodologies for Linux development. What You Will Learn * Understand the Basic concepts involved in Poky workflows along with configuring and preparing the Poky build environment. * Configure a build server and customize images using Toaster. * Generate images and fit packages into created images using BitBake. * Support the development process by setting up and using Package feeds. * Debug Yocto Project by configuring Poky. * Build an image for the BeagleBone Black, RaspberryPi 3, and Wandboard, and boot it from an SD card. In Detail Yocto Project is turning out to be the best integration framework for creating reliable embedded Linux projects. It has the edge over other frameworks because of its features such as less development Time and improved reliability and robustness. Embedded Linux Development using Yocto Project starts with an in-depth explanation of all Yocto Project tools, to help you perform different Linux-based tasks. The book then moves on to in-depth explanations of Poky and BitBake. It also includes some practical use cases for Building a Linux subsystem project using Yocto Project Tools available for embedded Linux. The book also Covers topics such as SDK, recipetool, and others. By the end of the book, you will have learned how to generate and run an image for real Hardware Boards and will have gained hands-on experience at Building efficient Linux Systems using Yocto Project. Style and approach A clear, concise, and straightforward book that will enable you to use and implement the latest features of Yocto Project.
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