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Elon Musk: Success Secrets

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Binding Paperback
Language English
Number Of Pages
Author George Ilian
Publisher Jaico Publishing House
Isbn-10 9387944840
Isbn-13 9789387944848

Elon Musk: Success Secrets

George Ilian's Elon Musk: Success Secrets

Visionaries Who Changed the World Series brings significant moments from the Professional and Personal lives of entrepreneurs who have had a deep impact on the Business world. Their determination to meet their goals and the challenges they overcame to succeed, make their stories unique and inspirational. Elon Musk is known for thinking outside the box, dreaming big and working tirelessly to achieve those dreams. He is open to ideas and ways to collaborate and improve what he is working on while funding these solutions. He thrives on his passion for Work and is willing to put his weight behind projects he believes in and the innovations coming out of Space X and Tesla provide ample proof. Discover this maverick’s story and how you could emulate him. George Ilian has made his mark on the Digital industry, owning an e-book Business among other endeavours. He is the author of 18 Books in the genre of Business and motivation.
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