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Difficult Women

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Binding Paperback
Language English
Number Of Pages 368
Author Helen Lewis
Publisher Jonathan Cape
Isbn-10 1787331296
Isbn-13 9781787331297
Dimension 15.29*2.69*23.39

Difficult Women

Helen Lewis's Difficult Women

well-behaved women don’t make History: difficult women do. Helen Lewis argues that feminism’s success is down to complicated, contradictory, imperfect women, who fought each other as well as fighting for equal rights. Too many of these pioneers have been whitewashed or forgotten in our modern search for feel-good, inspirational heroines. It’s time to reclaim the History of feminism as a History of difficult women. In this book, you’ll meet the working-class suffragettes who advocated bombings and arson; the princess who discovered why so many women were having bad sex; the pioneer of the refuge movement who became a men’s rights activist; the ‘striker in a sari’ who terrified Margaret Thatcher; the wronged Victorian wife who definitely wasn’t Outraged the country. Taking the story up to the present with the twenty-first-century campaign for abortion services, Helen Lewis reveals the unvarnished – and unfinished – History of women’s rights. Drawing on archival research and interviews, difficult women is a funny, fearless and sometimes shocking narrative History, which shows why the feminist movement has succeeded – and what it should do next. The battle is difficult, and we must be difficult too.

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