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Developmental Aspects of Entrepreneurship

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Binding Hardcover
Language English
Number Of Pages 224
Author Shivganesh Bhargava
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Isbn-10 0761936165
Isbn-13 9780761936169
Dimension 14.38*1.73*22.28

Developmental Aspects of Entrepreneurship

Shivganesh Bhargava's Developmental Aspects of Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship has a significant role to play in ensuring sustainable economic growth. However, it can only flourish in an Environment conducive to entrepreneurial development and initiatives. Properly nurtured, Entrepreneurship can prove to be the key to solving problems like poverty, illiteracy and unemployment, and it has the potential to spur a nation on along the path of development and prosperity. While some are born entrepreneurs, evidence suggests that entrepreneurial characteristics can be inculcated in anyone. But this is dependent on the cumulative impact of a variety of factors including family, society, social institutions, governance and leadership. This ??Environment?? is necessary not only for nurturing Entrepreneurship, but also for its eventual success. This compilation of 11 papers imparts a wealth of perspectives on this subject, gaining from the theoretical and experiential insights of academics, Management gurus, consultants, administrators and behavioural scientists. Lucidly written, each chapter complements the other in presenting a cohesive volume that identifies the way forward for entrepreneurial development. New start-ups, incubators, entrepreneurs, trainers, behavioural Consultants and Professional managers will find this book to be of great interest. Table of Contents Foreword by M R RAO Preface Towards Entrepreneurship Development in the 21st Century SHIVGANESH BHARGAVA Towards Developing Entrepreneurship and Building Entrepreneurial Organizations ISHWAR DAYAL The Evolution of the Concept of Entrepreneurship L M BHOLE Entrepreneurship: An Effective Means to Promote Employment S R SUBBA RAO and CH S DURGA PRASAD Entrepreneurship and Economic Growth: The Indian Perspective PRAMOD PATHAK and SAUMYA SINGH Capital Structure Dynamics: Are Young and Small Firms Different? PRASHANTH MAHAGAONKAR and K NARAYANAN Growth Strategy in Small Manufacturing Organizations: A Study of Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra SATYAJIT MAJUMDAR Entrepreneurial Ambience of Eastern UP: A Scanning P S TRIPATHI Perceived Constraints of Rural Entrepreneurs related with their Income-generating Entreprises: A Perspective of Bihar State ASHOK K SINGH Towards a Model of Entrepreneurship: The SETWIN Model in Andhra Pradesh SITA VANKA and S CHANDRASEKHAR REDDY Social Entrepreneurship in Eye Health: A Sustainable and Equitable Model D JOHN Index

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