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Dawn After Darkness

Book Specification

Binding Paperback
Language English
Number Of Pages 103
Author Rohit Gupta
Publisher Invincible Publishers
Isbn-10 9387328708
Isbn-13 9789387328709

Dawn After Darkness

Rohit Gupta's Dawn After Darkness

Life can change in the blink of an eye. For Rohit, it happened on a holiday. He was partying with his friends one night, and then woke up at Home six months later, unable to speak, walk or care for himself. The Diagnosis was a traumatic brain injury; the prognosis was a difficult life ahead. This is Rohit's story. A life with an invisible injury, in a country that doesn't understand disability, is not aware of it, nor does it cope with it well. How does a young man in the prime of his life move forward? How do the others treat him and what effect does that have on him? This book will give you a greater understanding of a life with a traumatic brain injury and open your Eyes to the People living around you with invisible, chronic difficulties. How does he deal with a disparity stuck life, learns to be happy with whatever he is left with and never gives up, specially upon realising that anger is not the solution to vulnerability. The injury transforms him and teaches him: Friendship is just a fiction which appears good and colourful only in stories and pictures.
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