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BITSAT Explorer

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Binding Paperback
Language English
Number Of Pages 796
Publisher MTG
Isbn-10 9386379031
Isbn-13 9789386379030

BITSAT Explorer


BITSAT Explorer that useful for JEE Mains-Advanced Examination preparation it's a collection of chapter wise solution and stepwise expiation of all process, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, English & Logical Reasoning Chapter wise MCQ for Practice set. More 1000+MCQ in each Section & 5 model Test Papers with Detailed Solution The full solutions are provided to help students reaching the right answer systematically. The student will find the book most useful if he uses it actively, that is to say, if he studies the relevant theoretical material carefully before going on to the worked-out solutions, and finally reinforces the newly-acquired knowledge by solving the problems given for independent work. The best results will be obtained when the student, having mastered the theoretical part, immediately attacks the unsolved problems without referring to the text solutions unless in difficulty."
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