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ASP.NET Tips and Techniques (Tips & Techniques)

Book Specification

Binding Paperback
Language English
Number Of Pages 596
Author Greg Buzcek
Publisher Osborne/McGraw-Hill
Isbn-10 0072225149
Isbn-13 9780072225143
Dimension 19.1*3.07*23.5

ASP.NET Tips and Techniques (Tips & Techniques)

Greg Buzcek's ASP.NET Tips and Techniques (Tips & Techniques)

300+ Immediate Solutions from the Pros Seasoned developer and author Greg Buczek shares his extensive ASP.NET knowledge in this well-organized resource designed to deliver focused information you can instantly put to use. Get practical Advice about coding essentials and page issues, and use Web controls to add functionality to your ASP.NET applications. Tap into the improved durability, speed, and scalability of Visual Studio .NET, utilize a complete library of ASP.NET controls, and minimize your development Time while maximizing performance. Build interoperable Web Services and applications for the .NET Framework, and achieve enterprise-level functionality with help from this powerful, easy-to-use reference. Inside: Precise, proven techniques--professional-level Advice from industry experts Chapter-by-chapter subject indexes--make critical information easier to access Focused information--straightforward explanations for experienced programmers Use-It icons--each tip includes instructions for immediate implementation Must-have information--quick and concise solutions that work

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