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Binding Hardcover
Language English
Number Of Pages 240
Author Stefania Rousselle
Publisher Viking
Isbn-10 0241406137
Isbn-13 9780241406137
Dimension 21.01*2.11*18.49


Stefania Rousselle's Amour

Award-winning journalist and documentary maker stefania rousselle had stopped believing in love. She had covered a series of bleak assignments, from terrorist attacks to the rise of the far right. Her relationship had fallen apart. Her faith in humanity was shaken. She decided to set out alone on a road trip across France, sleeping in strangers' Homes, asking ordinary men and women the one question everyone wants to know the answer to: what is love? From a Baker in Normandy to a shepherd in the pyrénées, from a gay couple estranged from their families to a widow who found love again at 70, amour is a treasure trove of poignant and profound stories about love, accompanied by beautiful full-colour photographs.

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