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American Faith

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Binding Paperback
Language English
Number Of Pages 96
Author Maya C. Popa
Publisher Sarabande Books, Incorporated
Isbn-10 194644846X
Isbn-13 9781946448460
Dimension 13.34*1.4*20.96

American Faith

Maya C. Popa's American Faith

The ultimate subject of Maya C. Popa's stunning debut collection is violence. American Faith begins with its manifestation in our country: a destructive administration, a History of cruelty and extermination, and a love of firearms. The violence naturally extends to the personal. What for some is routine can feel like an assault: a TSA agent wipes down a bra tucked in a traveler's suitcase, adding, "...prettiest terrorist I've seen all day." Tentatively, the title poem casts light on the unrevealed future, a solution that includes faith: "...the days, impatient, fresh beasts, appeal to me-/ You are here. You must believe in something."

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