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Advance Legal Drafting

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Binding Paperback
Number Of Pages
Author Foreword by Justice Rekha Dikshit
Publisher Into Legal World Publication
Isbn-10 9388520009
Isbn-13 9789388520003

Advance Legal Drafting

Foreword by Justice Rekha Dikshit's Advance Legal Drafting

This book shall bring forth answers to certain questions that crop up into every Law student's mind or a fresher, for that matter. The book tries to encapsulate certain experiences that a Lawyer goes through while starting his practice in the Court of Law. The book is condolidation of formats of drafting along with certain methods to master the court craft, which would help you to understand the functioning of the Court better and would also help you to become a master of practice, become just knowing the Law is not enough. Watch Video About the Book https://youtu.be/sfgRHvC-7ks
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