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Abandon (The Abandon Trilogy)

Book Specification

Binding Paperback
Language English
Number Of Pages 304
Author Meg Cabot
Publisher Pan Macmillan Children's Books
Isbn-10 0330453866
Isbn-13 9780330453868
Dimension 13.0*1.91*19.71

Abandon (The Abandon Trilogy)

Meg Cabot's Abandon (The Abandon Trilogy)

Abandon is the first book of the Abandon Trilogy written by the famous author, Meg Cabot. Summary Of The Book Abandon draws inspiration from the story of Persephone, who was abducted by the God of the Underworld, Hades, in Greek mythology. The protagonist, Pierce, a seventeen year old girl, has recently moved to a South Florida Island. Pierce’s parents recently got divorced and now she lives with her mother in Isla Huesos. The island is a strange new experience for her because she has to attend and adjust to a new school while dealing with various Personal issues. In addition to facing all the problems of a displaced teen, Pierce has other issues, some of which are common, others which are not so normal. She also had problems at her old school, and in this school, she is placed in a special section known as the D Wing. The D Wing is a section only for students dealing with severe issues. But her most severe problem that she cannot share with anyone else, is the vision she has of a man named John Hayden. She first saw him when she was a young child, and the vision keeps returning to her. He is dark, and mysterious, and somehow, she is attracted to him in an eerie way. Two years before, Pierce almost died in a drowning accident. While she was hovering in the cloudy land between life and death, she had some strange experiences. She had been taken to the Underworld, and had seen John Hayden again. She keeps feeling that she will see him again. Will John Hayden come into her life? Will Pierce be able to deal with the Issues that affect her? The book details this and more, detailing the path that Pierce’s life takes. About Meg Cabot Meg Cabot is an American author. She writes novels in the Romance and Fantasy Genres for young adults. Some other Books by Cabot are The Princess Diaries, Volume II: Princess in the Spotlight, Shadowland, Twilight, Darkest Hour, Code Name Cassandra, Awaken, and Underworld. Meggin Patricia Cabot was born in 1967 in Indiana, USA. Her first published novels were Romance novels written under the pen name of Patricia Cabot. Her most famous series is the Princess Diaries series, two of which were made into Movies by Disney, starring Julie Andrews and Anne Hathaway. Meg Cabot is married to poet and Financial writer, Benjamin D. Egnatz.

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This book has been written by Meg Cabot, who has written books like Princess Diaries: Crowning Glory,Princess Diaries: Bad Heir Day,Princess Diaries: Royal Scandal (The Princess Diaries),Princess Diaries: Prom Princess (The Princess Diaries),Princess Diaries: A Royal Disaster (The Princess Diaries). The books are written in Children's & Young Adult,Literature & Fiction category. This book is read by people who are interested in reading books in category : Literature & Fiction. So, if you want to explore books similar to This book, you must read and buy this book.

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