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100 Landmark Judgment 2019-20 New Edition

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Binding Paperback Shinsho
Language English
Number Of Pages
Author Amaresh Patel
Publisher Into Legal World Publication
Isbn-10 9388520629
Isbn-13 9789388520621

100 Landmark Judgment 2019-20 New Edition

Amaresh Patel's 100 Landmark Judgment 2019-20 New Edition

100 Landmark Judgement Series is compilation of Top 100 Landmark Judgments delivered by Supreme Court and several High Courts in the year 2019. The Cases are briefed in a manner that it is easy to understand. The case brief include case details, bench, facts of the case, issue raised, judgment and ratio. The book is helpful to keep oneself updated on the recent development in the field of law. This judgment series is primary for Judicial Services Civil Judge (Junior Division) Preliminary Examination. It is expected that it will be useful to those aspirants who are preparing for other competitive exams like PCS, IAS, APO etc.

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